Mavericks Jamboree Galaxy/ Venice Club / Virtual Convoy of Love, Joy, Peace & Freedom

Venice Mercantile Store


Mavericks Jamboree Galaxy, Venice Club, Virtual Convoy of Love, Joy and Peace was formed to facilitate a Group of Individuals, Entrepreneurial Minded Collaborators, Merchants, Service Clubs, Community Organizations and Businesses coming together promoting Love for Humanity, Entertainment & Talent Development, History & Heritage, Community Solutions & Support as well as Economic Opportunity & Prosperity. The Virtual Online Convoy, also known as The Love Convoy is Divided into Five Star Pillars.

1)  Support for Humanitarian and Cultural Projects - Love of Humanity, Love Each Other

2) TLC Rewards for Referrals - Love Life, Be Joyful, Joie De Vivre

3) Friendship and Love, Team Building Benefits - Love Peace

4) Transformational Love and Leadership Lifestyles Creation - Love Prospers

5) The Love Convoy Online Platform - Love Freedom

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