Love, Live, Accept

Welcome to Jamboree Galaxy Venice Club..!  What do you think of when you think of Venice?  A bit out of the ordinary? 

Hope you enjoy.!

Love Lots.., Live Gently.., and Accept Things Graciously..! Our Motto From Buddha..!



C – Champion, Confidence in   O – Others   U – Unconditionally,   R – Responsibly, with    A – Accountability,    G – Gratitude and    E – Enthusiasm 

Courage is Passion On Fire..!  Courage is Positive..!  Courage Means Focus..!  Courage Means Blocking Out Negativity, The Nay Sayers, The Mealy Mouthed, and The Do Nothings..!  Courage Means Bouncing Back From Adversity, Obscurity and Misfortune..! Passion Without Courage is Oblivious..!  Passion Without Fire Lacks Enthusiasm..!  Fire Up Your Passion with Enthusiastic Courage..!  Make Your Dreams Come True..!

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